Frequently Asked Questions

On these FAQ pages, we answer the most common questions asked to us per email or in Facebook chat because people visiting our website might have the same questions as well.

Can i get a discount?

Can i get a discount?

Many times we experience that potential buyers are asking us for a discounted price in chat. We understand that there is nothing wrong with asking us for a discount, but do note that the...

Warranty Period

How long is the warranty period?

With each power tool purchase, the following warranty policies do apply: Our return and replacement policy, which counts for the first 14 days after the purchase date. Our standard warranty policy, which counts after...

Do you have a physical store?

This question is often asked to us in chat. And yes, we do have a physical store where we sell every working day power tools and power tools accessories to our professional users. Many...

Do you offer free shipping?

Do you offer free shipping?

No, we do not offer any free shipping but we do offer very competitive shipping rates to any location within the Philippines. Shipping rates also depend on the following three factors; The total size...

genuine power tools

Genuine Power Tools?

This is a question we get very often: “Are all your products genuine power tools?” Our answer to that is yes, 100%. Gold Tools Enterprise is selling only genuine power tools from practically all...

How to order?

How to Order?