Bosch Angle Grinder | Manila Philippines

Are you having a hard time figuring out what type of Bosch angle grinder is the best angle grinder to buy for the particular type of job you are planning to do with it? When you live in Manila it is easy to pay us a visit so we can show you the various Bosch angle grinders and can help you make a choice. We realize that for clients who live outside Manila (but within the Philippines), visiting us might not be an option. We created this article which will give you all the essential information you need to know to help you choose the right angle grinder. BOSCH is preferred by professionals worldwide for their efficient and effective power tools. Their tools get the job done in the safest and quickest way possible. BOSCH tools come with a very high safety standard so that possible accidents can be limited to a minimum in any given situation. Bosch angle grinders have the possibility to swap different types of discs like grinding, cutting, or sanding discs usable in various situations. Since your safety is important, all Bosch angle grinders have an anti-rotation protective guard.

BOSCH GWS 20-180- 7″ Angle Grinder

This angle grinder is specifically built to execute projects and workload in the professional field. The BOSCH GWS 20-180 is a 7-inch angle grinder with a power input of 2000 W. Working with this power tool will not be too challenging due to its ratio of power to weight (5kg). To increase safety while using this tool, sensors inside will instantly switch off the angle grinder when the power button is released.

BOSCH GWS 2000- 7″ Angle Grinder

This model is similar to the previous power tool. It is only that this angle grinder, The BOSCH GWS 2000 7-inch angle grinder, is specially made for professional metalworking and construction. Critical parts of the angle grinder that break easier are made more long-lasting so that they would be more durable. Overall this power tool is ideal for executing tasks in construction and engineering and is needed to be used daily.

BOSCH GWS 13-125 CI- 5” Angle Grinder

The Bosch GWS 13-125 CI is a 5-inch angle grinder that’s specially built to complete medium-scale projects while letting the user feel comfortable when using this angle grinder. Contrasting its power of 1300 W is its lightweight of 2.3 kg, which makes managing and handling this BOSCH angle grinder easier. The maximum output speed of its motor is around 11,500 rpm. Its self-maintenance like direct motor cooling, anti-rotation protective guard, and vibration control handle, is meticulously developed to ensure users to own a long-lasting power tool. The handles are comfortable to wield since they are padded with foam and rubber mounting. This eliminates vibration and it lets you work without disruption. This angle grinder can be handled on both the left and right side that makes it convenient for any right or left-handed person using it. Programmed into it is the kickback control technology. This prevents any further actions of the angle grinder to occur by automatically shutting down to prevent possible injuries.

BOSCH GWS 750-100 – 4″ Angle Grinder

This angle grinder is perfect for tougher jobs that need to remove material at a faster rate. The BOSCH GWS 750-100 is a 4-inch angle grinder that has a power input of 750 W and weighs in at 1.8 kg. Because of its compact design, this is the perfect angle grinder where material in cramped areas needs to be removed. Although this power tool has higher torque, handling it will be easy thanks to the anti-slip dimple design and round shape handle.

BOSCH GWS 900-100 S- 4” Angle Grinder with variable speed

The BOSCH GWS 900-100 S- 4” Angle Grinder is the same model but with variable speed. This lets you decide how fast or slow you want to disc to rotate which is very useful for sanding.

BOSCH GWS 060- 4″ Angle Grinder

This angle grinder is perfect for home-based or DIY projects. The BOSCH GWS 060 is a 4-inch angle grinder that has a power input of 670 W and weighs in at 1.6 kg. This angle grinder is reliable, easy to use, and ideal for occasional home use. Comparing this angle grinder to higher power models, this is easier to handle while having similar attributes like an anti-rotation protective guard and direct motor cooling.