Stanley Angle Grinder | Manila Philippines

If you live in Manila, it is easy to visit us. We can show you the various angle grinders we have in store and help you choose an angle grinder of your choice. We understand that for clients who live outside Manila (but living in the Philippines), visiting us in stores might not be the easiest option. So we have made this article that you may read to know all the essential information about two STANLEY angle grinders we have without having to travel far to know.

With this article, we will help you choose what STANLEY angle grinder suits the job you want to accomplish. STANLEY tools are known for their reliability, innovation, and value since 1843. The founders of STANLEY are the people who innovated the Bailey plane, the PowerLock tape measure, the utility knife, and many more tools professionals worldwide use today. Trusted by professionals worldwide, this brand will definitely suit your preferences when talking about the dependability of your tools and the quality of your output. You can guarantee yourself that their angle grinders will meet your expectations.

STANLEY STGS5100 Angle Grinder

The STANLEY STGS5100 Angle Grinder is a 4-inch angle grinder that has a power input of 580 W and a no-load speed of 12000 rpm. It weighs 2 kg which will be easy to handle. One of the benefits of their angle grinder is the anti-vibration feature, which ables you to work precisely without major disruptions. Another benefit is that the handle is covered in rubber, letting the user work comfortably and with less fatigue. The motor has an optimized vent, excellent for cooling that affects the longevity of the motor’s life. Its compact size and slim housing are convenient for users who intend to use this angle grinder for small projects. Its dimensions are 32 × 9 × 13 cm.

STANLEY STGL2218 Angle Grinder

The STANLEY STGL2218 Angle Grinder is a 7-inch angle grinder that has a power input of 2200 W and weighs in at 5.9 kg. Ideal for professional work, this angle grinder limits fatigue which is a key preference for clients who use angle grinders for hours. Safety-wise the angle grinder has a safety switch with a lock-on function. For additional advantages, the handle has an ergonomic design that enables the client to handle the angle grinder well and execute their work precisely. The angle grinder’s switch is a trigger type. Its dimensions are 57.5 × 19 × 16.5 cm