How to order repair parts?

This is a question we hear very often and the easiest way to proceed is to call our office during working hours and provide us with the following information:

  • What is the brand of your power tool?
  • What is the type number of your power tool?
  • What kind of power tool is it?
  • What replacement parts are needed?

Please write the answers to these questions first down on a piece of paper and call then our office with telephone number 82918561 or 82449577. We can then check right away in our database if we have that specific replacement part in stock or in case not if we can still order it for you. If your defective power tool does need multiple replacement parts to fix it, kindly consider buying a brand new similar power tool instead, and we mention this because, in the long run, this might be cheaper.

Note that all moving parts become less over time and by replacing only that one particular defective part, your machine will never be as trusted as a brand new machine unless many other parts with severe traces of usage will be replaced at the same time.

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