What power tool should I buy?

Most of the time, this question is asked by clients who want to buy a power tool and then give it to someone else, for example as a birthday present or Christmas gift.

Professional users who work daily with power tools never ask this question because they already have a wide experience in handling power tools and also know how they work. These professional users might favor a particular top brand but for the rest and know what they want to get the job done.

Semi-professional users also have more in-depth knowledge about power tools compared to occasional users. They are less going for that one particular top brand and buy mostly a machine from any top brand based on the machine specifications instead. Since semi-professional users do not use the power tools on a daily or even on a weekly basis, the machines they buy do not need to be top-line products but will still last for many years to come.

And since you know the person who will receive your gift, you can also possibly know if he will be using your gift occasionally, frequently or on a daily basis. If you are going to buy a power tool for someone who is going to use it occasionally, then it is obvious that this does not have to be the most rugged built machine that you can buy. But if that person is a professional user then a machine with a lesser build quality might not be the best choice for that person after all. This is the same as buying a car, you cannot compare a Mercedes with a Hyundai but both will get you from A to B while that Mercedes will be able to do this job a little longer.

If you are buying a power tool for yourself instead but have no experience with power tools then just ask yourself the same questions. Am I going to use the power tool often or just occasionally? And then find a machine in our web store according to those requirements, capable of doing exactly that job for many years to come.

Popular birthday and Christmas gifts items are:

  • Cordless hammer drill
  • Rotary hammer drill
  • Circular saw
  • Angle grinder

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