ARTU 10mm – AR Masonry Plus Drill Bit (bundle 10’s) – MDBB-10-BU



Item No.: MDBB-10-BU


Concrete Slab: 1,000-Full Speed

Concrete Block: 1,000-Full Speed

Masonry/Brick: 1,000-Full Speed

Granite/Stone: 1,000-Full Speed

Marble: 1,000-Full Speed

Ceramic Tile: 1,000-Full Speed

Baked Ceramic: 300-500

Glass/Crystal/Mirror: 300-700

Hard Wood: 800-1,500

Soft Wood: 1,500 Full Speed

Plastic: 300-500

Cast Metals: 2,000+

Hardened Steel: 2,000+

Grinding Wheel: Full Speed

10 x 140 mm

Bundle of Ten (10)


19 in stock


Made specially for reinforced concrete, masonry, bircks, marble, ceramic, tiles, wood, plastic, fiber, glass, cast iron and many more.

BEST CERATIZIT carbide tip from Europe.

(Luxemberg) ensures increased performance and cutting speed, as well as longer tool life.

Made in Germany

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Additional information

Weight .50 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 17 cm


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